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Telecommunications and IT System Advice

Advice to businesses on gathering and defining technological requirements, designing solutions, preparing technical specifications for tenders, evaluating technical and economic proposals from suppliers, justifying award recommendations, and inspecting correct implementation.

System of Telecommunications and Rate Optimization

Review of current telecommunications service contracts, validation of rate and commercial conditions application, market price comparison, optimization recommendation, technological update, adjustments, and changes, significant savings in monthly supplier billing

Telecommunications System Design

Studies and technical and economic evaluations of the feasibility and application of new technologies with the objective of increasing access and connectivity while increasing efficiency and productivity. LAN and WAN networks, fiber optic network design, calculations for V/UHF radio links, microwaves, satellites, Internet of Things (IoT) systems, video surveillance, IP telephony, and Internet access

Permits and Concessions for Telecommunications Services

Additional information on the procedures for applying for and receiving permits and concessions from regulatory authorities for telecommunications services, as well as the procedures for regularizing services that are already in place, will be available to you at no additional charge from us.

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Pre-Eng employs over 500 full-time employees and contractors, including a core team of over 100 experienced engineers with a minimum of ten years of experience and a development team of twenty engineers. Since the company’s inception, our management team has been with it.