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Pre-Eng provides a diverse range of telecommunications engineering and consulting services. We supports all wired and wireless computing and telecommunications technologies, including cutting-edge technologies such as 5G and cybersecurity.

How can we help you ?

IT Solutions

Our team of experts provides strategic and operational solutions for Wi-Fi, Cabling, Servers, Security, Links, and Backups, taking a hands-on approach to your business.

Business Support

We are your Technology Partner, therefore in the event of an emergency, a question, or anything else, we provide you with contingency plans and decisive responses for any technology in your organization.

Home Automations

For large household automation solutions, we provide energy management, security, well-being, and communication services via internal and external communication networks.

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Why Choose Us?

Technical assistance and advice that is comprehensive.
Assistance with project planning and training in the relevant areas.
RPI-SUBTEL project registration.
The engineering development of the telecommunications project includes the following components:

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